Katas for children (Training system)

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In this DVD you will find different systems of kata training with various exercises to achieve an improvement in the technical part (displacements, rotations, etc..) and physical (coordination, balance, etc..).
Aimed at karate teachers, for their kata training in school-age children, seeking to give a focus totally new and effective to their classes, without losing sight of the most important part, the ludic part, through very funny works which will achieve a learning more effective.
We will see all exercises in detail and from different angles, divided into warming-up games, specific games in each kata and back to calm.
Directed by Manuel Capetillo Blanco on the technical side, 5th dan karate and PE teacher, assisted by his students, regional and national champions kata and kumite.

– Warming up.
– Pinan Shodan.
– Pinan Nidan.
– Pinan Sandan.
– Pinan Yondan.
– Pinan Godan.
– Back to calm.

About the DVD:
– Author: Manuel Capetillo.
– Zona IV Producciones (www.zonaiv.com).
– Household use.
– Duration: 55 minutos aprox.
– DVD. PAL. 16:9
– Depósito Legal: M-36212-2013
– Price: 20,66 € (sin IVA).

– Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/61851033
– YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXZlyT8D8n0

Orders and information:
Zona IV Producciones

Sobre el Autor


Autor Manuel Capetillo Blanco
ISBN M-36212-2013
Páginas 55 minutes aprox.
Peso (kg.) 0.1
Formato (cm.) DVD

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